TY1 Cakesale in Good Counsel

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Good Counsel College Transition Years held a cake sale in the school last Friday the 16th of October to raise money for the South East Simon Community and Focus Ireland as part of their Young Social Innovators project.

Young Social Innovators’ mission is to raise social awareness among 15-18 year olds in Ireland by providing social awareness education through action and platforms for young people and those guiding them, which will result in an enhancement of their personal sense of justice, responsibility and capacity innate to all.

Students in TY1 have chosen to help the homeless community in Ireland by raising awareness and fundraising for care packs including “Bare Necessities” (the innovative name of their project group!) such as soaps, deodorants and socks that they donate to homeless shelters in the South East.

The first of these fundraisers was the “Homebake Extravaganza” held last Friday in which TY1 students baked a number of home made goods such as brownies, fairy cakes, and chocolate-biscuit cakes to sell to teachers and students throughout the school. Needless to say, the recession was not an issue for the lads in Good Counsel College when it came to the goods on display!

The whole class participated in the event, by baking the food the night before and selling them on the day itself. All students put in a great effort and the event was a great success.

TY1 are also organising a Food Drive during the year that will involve the collection of canned, non-perishable food and cleaning products within the school in order to donate to the South Eastern homeless shelters.

Peadar Cody

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