TY Drive Awareness Day

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On the 8 th of October TY1 & TY2 went to the Wexford Youths complex outside Wexford Town. We got there around 9:30 and went up to the bar. There were other schools there like The Holy Faith and Ramsgrange.

Throughout the day there were a lot off people talking to us. Firstly there was a Bean Garda, who was showing us films from Garda cars. There was also a man from Sheridan Insurances. He was talking to us about different types of insurances. He said that Y.M.D (young, male, drivers) were more of a risk than female drivers because they are attracted to speed. Then we went outside and we got into Garda cars.

In the afternoon there was a Doctor there from Wexford General Hospital. His name was Paul Kelly. He said that in 5 to 6 years two of us would be dead. He showed us medical devices that are used in casualty to keep people alive when they have an accident. Then we did an activity. We were given a sheet with a question and had to write down answers. I went up from our group. We were asked what you would do if you were walking home at night to protect yourself. We said carry a torch; don’t take shortcuts and ring ahead to let someone know what time you will be home.

Overall thought the day was good and informative.

Eoin Murphy.

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