TY Car Maintenance Module

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Car Maintenance

by Mark McGrath & David Dunphy

From September to Christmas we took part in a car maintenance module. As part of this module we got an engine and renovated it. As well as that we learned about how an engine actually works we also learned about the different parts in the engine bay and what they do.

We also learned useful things such as how to change a tyre and how to service a car. After a few weeks we started working on the engine. We started by stripping it down to the block we then cleaned the different parts, some were sent away to be sandblasted. When we got them back we sprayed them either black or silver. While we were doing all this a man contacted Mr. Coffey and gave us another engine which we stripped and cleaned but not to the extent of the original one.

On the last day of the module we assembled the engine and compared it to the first day we had it, there was a big difference. The whole module was a very enjoyable experience and also very useful.



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