Transition Year

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Transition Year 2014-2015 The TY students are finding their feet and settling into the new school year with great enthusiasm. Modules with the girls from St. Marys on Tuesday afternoon are well established now and proving to be successful. Students that opted to complete the strategic management module have been participating now for the last three weeks and seem to be enjoying the course (see link for details)  


"They thought they used to climb walls in school......"
“They thought they used to climb walls in school……”
"We are ready for anything.."
“We are ready for anything..”



September Activities Transition Years travelled to Baltinglass Education centre on Friday 12th September . The trip was organised as a team building exercise. It was specifically tailored to facilitate an activity based module. The students were encouraged to develop new personal and technical skills while having fun. There was an emphasis placed on teamwork. Each student was challenged to identify their strengths and weaknesses by encouraging them to overcome their fears and try new things. Each student evaluated their day and it was interesting to see the different perspectives gained from the experience.

Student quotes from evaluation of the day “If you work as a team you achieve bigger and better things” “During the trip to Baltinglass the activity that I enjoyed the most was canoeing because it was a new experience for me. It was something that I never did before” “I learned that it’s good to challenge yourself with events that may be hard” “I found having a good time with my friends and making new friends to the best part of this trip” “It was enjoyable to face your fears on the rock wall. I am afraid of heights and so it was good to break this fear. I also got into the kayaks in the river and as I can’t swim it was another fear overcome” “I learned that there are lots more people in my TY class that are friendly and nice. I feel that there is a greater unity and bond within the class which can only be a good thing”   Upcoming October Events

  • October 2nd – Irish Congress of Trade Unions will be giving a presentation to each TY group.
  • Friday 3rd – Each TY group will be taking part in a practical demonstration on car maintenance and road safety. They will be given the opportunity to change a tyre, check oil etc.
  • Matrix – Malcolm from Matrix will be facilitating an “Imagination Day” with each TY group in which they will work on study skills as well as numerous other activities. The dates for each group are as follows:
  • Wednesday 8th  TY 3;  Thursday 9th TY1;  Friday 10th TY2;  Friday 17th TY4.
  • Thursday 23rd – TY students will attend a driver awareness day in Wexford.




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