Transition Year collection for Autism

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TY1 and TY2 chose 6 people from each class to sell teddy bears for €3 each and roses for €2 each. Each pair collected from three different places which were Centra, AIB and South Main Street and North Main Street.

I was one of those who were chosen from TY1. I was selling at Centra from 9 until half past 12. The weather was awful as it was very cold, windy and wet. This seemed to no effect to the people of New Ross who were incredibly generous and friendly. We sold in pairs and even though it was a wet day we didn’t let it affect our spirits.

We stood by the door until the weather took a turn for the worst. We then moved to either side of the automatic door but we didn’t block the doorway. As people walked by we gave a simple “hello” and if they wished to donate they would stop and if not we let them go about their business. We didn’t hassle people and even then they stopped to give to the cause.

We collected a total of €1500 between the group, which shows how generous the people of New Ross are. It is an amazing achievement and the donation was greatly appreciated by Autism Ireland.

Thomas Murphy TY1

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