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Checking on your son’s engagement with

Remote Teaching and Learning.

Log into your VSWARE account in the normal manner and click on Term Reportson the left-hand side of the screen. 

Term reports

The term reports tab is a straightforward screen.

At the top of the page where it says ‘Select an exam’, you first select ‘Remote Teaching and Learning 1’.  This is for week 23rd March to 27th March. This selection will only be visible once at least one teacher has submitted feedback. A new exam will be added each week with next weeks called ‘Remote Teaching and Learning 2’ and so on. This will give you the following information for each subject where the teacher has added it.  Not all teachers will use this tool, as it is optional to them, so you should also check in with your son regularly regarding work.

The key information here is a summary for each week.

  • If teachers assigned and graded work you may see a level and Grade/Mark – This may be blank as graded work will not be assigned and marked every week.
  • Engaged in Lesson and Completed assignments. – This will give you a quick summary of how well your son has engaged in each teacher’s Remote class/work this week. Teachers have three options to choose from here.
    1. Yes i.e. this means he was engaged or completed assignments.
    2. No i.e. this means he did not engage or complete assignments
    3. Partially i.e. this means he partially engaged or completed assignments.
  • In the Comment box teachers can highlight work previously assigned or upcoming prescribed work. They can also inform you as to what work and lessons are planned for the coming week.
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