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New Ross Credit Union in Good Counsel College

Good Counsel College, in association with New Ross Credit Union Ltd will begin running a branch of the credit union in this school in September 2009.

The main aim of the school credit union is to encourage the students to adopt a regular savings habit and thereby to sow the seeds of good financial management for the future.

  • The school credit union will be run by students in 6th Year under the supervision of a teacher.
  • It will be open once a week at lunchtime (the day is yet to be decided) from 1.20pm to 1.50pm.
  • To open an account, an application form may be obtained from the 6th Year students.
  • It will be held on the Stage.
  • Students will be issued with a credit union account book in their own name.
  • A minimum of €10 is required to open the account. They may then save any amount per week per week from €0.50 upwards.
  • Dividends will be paid on savings as applies to all members.
  • Withdrawals may be made in the offices of New Ross Credit Union, 26 South Street, at any time, or in the school by giving a minimum of one week’s notice.
  • Lodgements can also be made at the offices of New Ross Credit Union, 26 South Street at anytime.

We would welcome parent/guardian support for this initiative to encourage young people to take responsibility for their own savings and to reap the benefits of saving with the credit union.

New Ross Credit Union Ltd.
26 South Street,
New Ross,
Tel: 051 421143
Fax: 051 421123

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