School Newsletter:May 14th

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The past few weeks have been particularly busy for the ‘exam’ classes as deadlines for projects and reports close in addition to oral examinations taking place. The 6th year Agricultural Science students had their interviews on Friday last and so another small piece of the assessment jigsaw is in place. The LCA group also completed their Active Leisure Studies practical examination and can look forward to Spanish orals in the coming week. Buena Suerte!
The Art and Technology rooms are laden with artefacts currently, testimony to the industry of both departments. One eyecatching piece, modelled from clay is pictured below.

Billy Conran Art project

On the subject of art, congratulations to Stephen Barry, 3rd year, who was awarded a Certificate of Commendation for his entry to the Texaco Childrens’ Art competition, a very noteworthy achievement given the extraordinary number of entries for that famous, annual event.

Gathered for the photograph below are 5 students who not only represented their school in sport during the past year, but also had the distinction of representing their country. All very modest young men, they each compete in a different discipline and of course it is a source of great pride for the school to be associated with them and their achievements. continued success to all of them.

The internationals: Jack Murphy, Showjumping; Nicholas Murphy, Badminton; Tadhg Furlong, Rugby; Jack Allen, Gymnastics; Luke Fitzgibbom, Swimming.

After a brave performance, the U-14 hurlers lost out by a single point, after extra time, to great rivals St. Kierans College in the Power Cup on Wednesday last. In a thrilling encounter it might be fair to say that home advantage probably shaded it for the Kilkenny side. With the progress this team have made under coaches, Messrs Wall, O’Brien and Moore,  they have much to look forward to in the coming years.

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