School Newsletter Sep18th 09

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With the new school year well and truly up and running now, we welcome you to the first of what we hope will be a great many weekly bulletins on life in Good Counsel College.

The weather certainly did its best to test our patience and resourcefulness in the opening week but has, thankfully, relented since making life somewhat easier for al

In this weekly news bulletin we hope to give a flavour of events, which have taken place during the week, and to alert you to those upcoming. There will also be a specific Transition Year section to the bulletin.


Among the activities to have taken place in the last week were:

    • a group of 6th years attended the Higher Options conference in the RDS on Wednesday last.
    • Transition Years took in a day’s surfing in Tramore on Tuesday and spent an afternoon Orienteering in JFK arboretum on Thursday.
    • U –16 hurlers had a successful outing in a friendly against De La Salle on Thursday.

All of this in addition to the many daily activities of school life.

In the coming week, students do not have school on Wednesday as this day has been set aside as a Staff Planning day. We would hope that as this is the week of the ploughing championships, all those students planning on attending the championships would do so on Wednesday and minimise loss of class contact time.

Further ahead in your diary you might like to make note of an evening arranged by the Parents’ Council, which has as its theme – ‘A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body’. It is aimed at students and parents and will have presentations from Paul Byrne,a former Olympic athlete and current lecturer in Carlow IT and from Noirin Byrne, nutritionist to the Kilkenny Senior hurling team. George O’Connor, Wexford hurling development officer will chair the seminar. The focus will be on balancing study and leisure and taking care of the often-neglected area of nutrition also. It should be most informative.

Transition Year News


Students all over Ireland received the 2009 Junior Certificate results last Wednesday the 9th of September. Congratulations to all concerned.

Many from Good Counsel College went to celebrate their fantastic results at the official Beat102-103 Junior Cert disco, which was held at the Music Factory in Wexford.

Since most Junior Cert students in the southeast attended this event it was slightly overcrowded, however this failed to affect the craic that was had by all!


We had a wonderful day surfing in Tramore on Wednesday the 16/9/09. It was a lovely sunny day. First we learned about water safety from the instructor. We got in the gear and headed down to the beach. We were disappointed because there were no waves until later on in the day near the end of our course. When the surfing was over we got our lunch, some of went back into the water and some of us went to do the cryptic challenge. This was an event where we had to go around Tramore finding clues and answers. The winning team won surfing lessons worth €45. It was well worth the day. The company was called Oceanic surf. There were 4 people for every instructor. It was a very enjoyable and I would recommend it

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