School Newsletter – Autumn 2013

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With the Hallowe’en mid-term break upon us, we are reminded of just how quickly the school year passes. It is not uncommon to be greeted even yet with, ‘you must be nearly settled back at this stage,’ even though a quarter of the school year will in fact be complete at the end of this week. As ever it has been a busy time with Geography field trips, R.E. visits to the mosque, retreats, visiting speakers, book fair and various sports events in addition to the daily work of the school, all set against the backdrop of uncertainties in education generally. It is not clear at this time what the situation in relation to Parent/Teacher meetings will be while information in relation to enrolment for first year 2014 will be published in local media and made available to local primary schools. Parents interested in receiving an application form for their son may also contact us here at the school.

We congratulate Aidan Wall of the 2013 Leaving Certificate class who came first in Ireland in Higher level Technology. It is a notable achievement for Aidan and his teachers and is a sourse of great pride to the school. We also congratulate Daire McGrath who came second nationally in Junior Certificate Higher level Technology.

The design phase for the new Technology, DCG rooms and Special Needs Unit is underway in the expectation of having the work completed before September 2014. These additional buildings will further enhance the wonderful facilities we are fortunate enough to have here currently.

With the new swimming pool opening this weekend on our doorstep, we wish all associated with it the very best wishes with what is a fabulous new amenity for the town and surrounding area. It is a hugely impressive structure externally and the quality of the gym and pool facilities have to be seen to be believed.

We wish all a safe and pleasant Hallowe’en.

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