School Newsletter: August 13th

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Only a few weeks to the start of the new school year. Before that, of course, is the important matter of Leaving Certificate results which will be issued on Wednesday next, August 18th. Students can access these online on the SEC website  using their PIN numbers or, and we encourage them to do so, they may collect them in person here at the school from 10am. There will be members of staff present to offer advice, support, encouragement as required. Hopefully the day will bring good news for all of the Leaving Certificate class, 2010.

Registration days for all students take place on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday of next week as parents will already have beeen notified. Timetables, class lists and student journals can be collected on these days when registering.

August is always a time for some running repairs to the school fabric and as usual there are tradesmen busy painting, installing, rewiring etc. all in an effort to get the work done before the students return on August, 30th.

I might bring to your attention a brief article about a past pupil of the school, Dr. William P. Howlett which is included in the Past Pupils News section of this website.

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