School Newsletter 1 – 2012/13

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Spanish Students

Our Spanish students.

With another school year  well underway  we welcome all our students back after the summer break. We welcome especially the new 1st year cohort and hope that they will have happy and fruitful years ahead of them in Good Counsel College. We have also been joined by 8 Spanish students who enter second year, some staying for only a month, others for much longer. Thankfully as they arrived on Monday the sun was shining but we have warned them that it is not what they should expect in the long term.

In welcoming our current students back we say well done and send our best wishes to the Leaving cert. class of 2012 who got their results in mid August. They will scatter to various parts of the country and beyond as they move on to the next stage of their lives but hopefully we will see many of them back on occasion for a visit.

As part of our committment to the national effort to improve numeracy and literacy we have introduced the ‘Take a Novel to School’ initiative whereby all students and staff are encouraged to carry a novel with them daily and engage in a little reading for pleasure each day. We ask parents to support this initiative by ensuring sons have a novel to read and perhaps impressing upon them the benefits of reading regularly. Perhaps parents can lead by example. In conjunction with this initiative we are expanding the library space and the number of books stocked. This facility can be accessed by any student during lunch break each day.

Best of luck to past pupil Kieran Joyce who lines out for Kilkenny on Sunday next in the All Ireland hurling final. He wore the blue and white ogf the ‘Counsel’ with great distinction on many occasions as his younger brother Darragh continues to do.

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