Return to School

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Please read and discuss the full contents of our Operational Guidelines with your son in advance of his return.

Each year group will have an induction on the guidelines on the day they return to the college.

You can download the Covid Operational Guidelines here.

Books & E-Books

As per last year students can, if they wish, use their mobile devices to access e-books.  Each book company provides information on how to download these e-books inside the physical text book.

The college preference is that a Tablet or Laptop device is used.  Mobile phones can be used but only at the discretion of his teacher.  Our Mobile Phone Policy, which you can access here, will be applied.

We have majority of double classes scheduled and teachers have been asked to advise students to only bring the necessary resources on any given day.  This should result in lighter bags for students, should they wish to bring their text books.

Face Coverings

Face Coverings (Masks) must be worn by all in our community when indoors and when 2m social distancing can not be maintained outdoors.  Details regarding medical exemptions can be found here. It is parents/guardians responsibility to provide medical report regarding exemptions.  

Summary of Guidelines


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