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Registration Information

Dear Parent/Guardian,

We have not been able to organise our registration days as normal this year due to Covid restrictions and the ongoing preparatory work being done in the college in advance of re-opening.

This is an important time as during registration many families pay the voluntary ‘Family School Support Contribution’.  This generous contribution is a vital financial support for the running of the College.  Without it we would run a deficit budget, despite our best efforts, and school supports would be diminished.  We understand the challenges faced by families at this time but all support is welcome and greatly appreciated.  See below for further details.  For those who are interested we are also a registered charity and donations of €250 and over are eligible for tax deductions.  

You can now register online using VSware and the instructions for this can be found below.  Your son’s timetable, class and other details will be available on VSware in the coming days and we will send you a text once the Timetable is published.  He will get his Student Journal on his first day in the College.

In registering your son you are confirming or reconfirming your support of the school in the implementation of its policies and in particular our Code of Behaviour.

Instructions on making payment

  1. To make a payment on VSware login to your son’s account as normal.  If you are having difficulties with this please ring the office on 051421182.  You can go to VSware at this link: VSware Link
  2. Simply click on  ‘fee’ on the left hand side of the screen, tick the fee in question, click ‘pay’ and fill in the payment details.
  3. You can only pay one student at a time.
  4. There is a 2.15% charge applied to payments online which is charged by the 3rd party software company for this facility.  This is not a school fee as we pay a similar charge for each transaction also. Unfortunately this is outside of the schools control.
  5. You can also pay the school directly by cheque or cash at the school office where a receipt will be issued.
  6. You can access a short VSware Information video at the following link.  How to make payments can be found at around the 4 minute mark on the recording.


Kind regards



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