Parents’ Council

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Thank you to our parents for their newsletters.  Hard copies will be distributed to all students to bring home.

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Parents Council

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NEWSLETTERS – Click on the month for relevant newsletter: To be updated throughout 2022/23


The Parents Council aims to represent the views of parents and to provide a channel of communication between the school and the parents. It organises talks of interest and social events for parents. It also fund raises for “once off” projects to contribute towards improvements to the College for the benefit of the students.   The Constitution of the Parents’ Council is regularly amended.

Past Activities

Over the past few years the Parents Council has organised talks by well known specialists on a variety of topics and other activities of interest to parents and students. Speakers have included the national figures DJ Carey, Seán Og O Halpin, Gareth O Callaghan and John Lonergan. Some of the topics and areas of interest covered in the past have been:

  • Positive Mental health
  • Substance misuse awareness
  • Dangers of the Internet
  • Suicide
  • Balancing sports and school work
  • Healthy body, Healthy Mind
  • Computer classes for parents
  • Christmas flower arranging and carol service
  • An annual 6th year barbecue is held in May each year for students and teachers. This is a very popular social event much anticipated by the boys which includes musical entertainment provided by the boys themselves.

Supporting the school

The Parents Council organises fund raising events which are used for specific projects. In 2005 an auction of gifts and promises raised in the region €24,000.   Previously the Council also funded the conversion of the first boarding house into the Fr. Jackie Power Pastoral Care Centre costing in the region of €25,000. Other projects supported through funding from the Parents Council have been:

  • Computers
  • Scanner reader
  • Sports gear
  • Bob Quinn Perpetual Cup
  • Fast Forward Programme (for learning support Dept)
  • Team Hop (training equipment for PE)
  • Folding seating/tables for the Assembly hall
  • Defibrillator
  • CCTV cameras

Most recently a wonderfully entertaining and informative cookery demonstration by the renowned chef and past pupil Edward Hayden  of TV3 fame raised €vital funds.

In addition each year the Parents Council funds two bursaries for third level students who are past pupils to the value of €650 each.

Recently enthusiastic parents of the hurling and football players have been raising funds specifically to contribute to costs incurred for travelling to matches representing the school.

Friends of Good Counsel

Parents are encouraged to join the ‘Friends of Good Counsel’ through which they can make a valuable contribution to the developments in the school. By joining the ‘Friends’ parents can make a monthly donation of €7 which is used in conjunction with the other fund raising activities for the projects identified.   Please contact the school for further information related to the “Friends” of Good Counsel.



  • To act as a forum for the expression of opinions, items of information and queries between Parents and School Authorities.
  • To debate matters of national, regional or local interest and to submit reports or resolutions to the School Authorities.
  • To act a support group for the School, assisting with financial matters, questionnaires, publications, talks for parents while keeping effective contact with both the Parents and the School Management.



  • Ask for volunteers.
  • Try to ensure an even representation of years and areas.
  • If the number of volunteers is more than 18, an election will be held.
  • Members will be co-opted to the council as necessary.


  • The body shall be known as Good Counsel College Parents’ Council.
  • Membership is confined to Parents and Guardians of pupils attending the school.
  • The Council will co-opt the following each year:  The principal of the school; two members of the teaching staff; the chaplain and the parent members of the Board of Management.
  • Members are not expected to serve more than two years.
  • Officers shall consist of the following:
  1. Chairperson and vice-chairperson
  2. Secretary and assistant secretary
  3. Treasurer and assistant treasurer
  • New members will be invited to join the council in the final term of the school year.  Elections, if necessary, will follow nominations.
  • At least 2 parents from among the parents of the new first years will be invited to join in September at the commencement of the following academic year.  Elections, if necessary, will follow nominations.
  • The AGM will be held in the final term of the academic year after elections etc are complete.  At the AGM the new officers are also elected.
  • Amendments to the Constitution may be made at the AGM, provided they are passed by a two-thirds majority.
  • The Council shall not have power to deal with any complaints against members of staff, Lay or Religious.  Such complaints should be taken directly to the Principal by the parent concerned.
  • The Council shall not interfere with the professional aspects of the school administration and work.
  • The Council may decide to affiliate with a National Representative Organisation.
  • The Council shall meet monthly during the academic year.
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