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Board of Management note to Parents, Guardians, Students and Staff.

At a meeting of the Board of Management of the College at 6pm on Tuesday November 8th, a decision was taken to allow the school to remain open during the days when the ASTI has instructed its members not to present for supervision and substitution. This is due to contingency planning which has resulted in the appointment of four vetted supervisors in a temporary capacity.

Therefore, class will resume for all students on Wednesday 9th November at 9:00am. The Board, in making this decision, is satisfied that it is in a position to have in place a supervision and substitution system as robust as would normally support the school day. It will result in the immediate postponement, without exception, of all extra and co-curricular activities between 9am and 4pm on school days, scheduled or unscheduled, pending a resolution to the dispute between the ASTI and DES.

We welcome and will monitor this development and as always deeply appreciate the willingness and co-operation of all the partners of education in our College: in particular our Principal and Deputy Principal who have worked on this contingency, staff, students and their families.

Excellence in education in an undisrupted and safe environment remains the priority of the Board of Management and all at Good Counsel College.


Fr Patrick O’Reilly, OSA

Chairperson BOM

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