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Pre-order and pre-pay Lunch Pack

Unfortunately our Dining Room is currently closed.  For convenience we are offering a packed lunch service to students and staff.  We will trial this for the month of September and if the up-take and demand is sufficient we will continue to run with the service, with monthly reviews.  All sandwiches/rolls are made freshly in the college on the day requested in your order.

How the Lunch Pack System will operate.

  1. Students/staff must order their lunch at least one day in advance.
  2. Ordering will involve;
    • completing your order details, including your name & class on the envelopes that will be available from outside of the main office and subsequently included in each lunch pack bag. (see below)
    • including the EXACT payment in the envelope.
    • returning this to the order point outside of the dining room at least one day in advance.
  3. Collection;
    • from the external shop window at the Dining Room.
    • during your allocated  lunch break.
  4. Recycling.
    • All of the items in the bag, excluding fruit skins/cores, are recyclable and  should be disposed of in your nearest recycling bin.

See below for our Lunch Pack choices. 

This is the information as presented on the envelopes.


kind regards,


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