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As part of our ongoing numeracy intiatives in the school, first and second year students in Good Counsel College have the opportunity to take part in a Maths challenge, run by Learnstorm Ireland. From January 29th to April 1st, students can master maths skills to earn points and recognition for themselves and their school. LearnStorm gives every student a way to succeed, no matter their level. Students work independently in school or at home, building up their own confidence, while at the same time earning points for the school.

Each activity has a series of questions, along with helpful hints and video tutorials. There are numerous different topic to practice and tasks will be set each week also. Students or parents can set up accounts at khanacademy.org. If students are under 13 years of age they must have a parents email address. When you have your account set up, you can register to Good Counsel College, using the code 7YUJXA , in the Coach section or click on the coach name sharon.murphy. Once the challenge is completed, students can still use the website as a revision or study aid.

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