Junior Cycle Update

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FAO: 3rd Year Student & Parent/Guardian,

I hope all is good with you and your family.

In 2020,  Junior Cycle learning achievement  will be recognised through a specific form  of  certification  designed  to  meet  the  current,  exceptional  circumstances  presented  by  the COVID-19 pandemic.

Certification will involve two elements:

  1. State Certificate of completion of Junior Cycle from the Department of Education and  Skills. Students will  receive  State  Certification  indicating they have  completed  three years  of  Junior  Cycle  education  in  a  number  of  subjects. This certification will be provided by the Department of Education and Skills.

  2. A  School  Report  setting  out  learning  achievements in  Junior  Cycle. Students will receive  a  written  report  on  the  broad  range  of  learning  that  they  have achieved  in  each  subject  at  the  end  of  Junior Cycle.

As this has only been announced by the Minister for Education this afternoon we will be working with staff to formulate a plan around the 2nd point above, the School Report.  As soon as we have decisions on this we will outline clearly to you what is going to happen next regarding assessment and reporting. In simple terms, whatever form of assessment and reporting we determine to be appropriate it must be concluded by May 29th.  No assessment will be carried over into the 2020/21 academic year.

Regardless of what happens in relation to the above, remember school will continue for students until May 29th.  It is important that students continue to do their best!
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