Jan 11 Update

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Now that the Government have reversed their initial decision to open schools to 6th Year students and students in special classes we move once again to remote teaching and learning until January 29th.

Online Classes

  • Online classes begin at 9am on Monday and the expectation is that all classes scheduled on your timetable should be attended.  You can find information on how to Join a Teams meeting at the following link.  Students have been accessing and using Teams since September and should be familiar with the process.  If you are having any difficulty, please do not hesitate to contact us.  You can also find his teachers email address here.
  • Please advise your son of his responsibilities under our IAUP which can be found at the following link.
  • Remember double classes now to run for 60 minutes instead of 80 minutes while singles will run for 30 minutes instead of 40 minutes. Start time as per the start time of your class on the timetable and finish earlier.
  • A roll call will be taken for each class.
  • Where we do not have student engagement the same traffic light system as used form March to May will apply.  This allows us to support those students or families who face challenges in accessing online classes.

Reporting on Engagement

We will have a standard engagement report on VSware at the end of week 2 in order to share information with parents regarding their son’s engagement at that point.  You can access this in the normal way through your VSware account.

SEN Students

With SNA support

  • Each SNA will work to support 2 or 3 specific students.
  • Ms Langton & Ms Roche will work specifically with 4 students.
  • Teachers will include the relevant SNA in their Microsoft Team for that class. The SNA will not be logging into classes but will be accessing resources in order to follow up with the student.
  • The SNA will liaise daily with their students to offer support, identify challenges and update the relevant teacher of relevant feedback.

Without SNA support

  • These SEN classes will continue as normal through Teams.
  • Where a teacher/parent notices a SEN student, in a mainstream class, struggling please contact Ms Doyle or Ms Kennedy immediately.
    • brigid.kennedy@goodcounselcollege.ie
    • sheila.doyle@goodcounselcollege.ie

Mock Exams

  • Junior Cycle Exams
    • Subject to opening on February 1st we intend running the Junior Cycle Mock Exams s normal beginning on the afternoon of Friday February 5th and ending on Friday 12th.
  • Leaving Certificate Exams
    • The structure/timing of the Leaving Certificate Mocks will be discussed at our staff meeting on Monday January 11th.  The most essential element in our discussion and decision making will be what is in the best interest of our 6th year students. Further information to follow on Monday evening regarding this.

State Examinations & Class Based Assessments

We are waiting on updates from the State Examinations Commission regarding CBAs and the deadlines for Leaving Certificate projects such as DCG and Economics.  As soon as we have this information, we will get it to you.

CAO – 6th Years

I encourage all students to register for CAO at a minimum.  If you have not started the process you can begin here.  You are still eligible for the reduced fee of €30 up until January 20th.  Once you have registered that is a good first step.  You do not need to do anything else at this point.  Ms Byrne will be in direct email contact with 6th years next week to offer further advice and guidance.

If you feel you are eligible for the DARE programme, please email mark.obrien@goodcounselcollege.ie and we can begin that process for you.  DARE have an online information session tomorrow – January 9th 2021.  You can register at this link.

Subject Choices

We will be in contact in the coming weeks with the relevant year groups for thier subject choices, as they move to 2nd, Transition and Fifth Year for the 2021/22 Academic year.

Pastoral Care

The Pastoral Care team will meet at 12pm each Friday. If you have concerns for a student, please contact helen.bolger@goodcounselcollege.ie

Enjoy your weekend and all the best for the weeks ahead. If I can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me at any point.


Kind regards,

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