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Return to School

Operational Guidelines

Dear Parent/Guardian,

I hope all is well with you and your family and that your son(s), despite all of the media focus and worries, is looking forward to his return to the College.

We have been working to put a plan and processes in place to re-open our college as safely as possible to limit the likelihood of the introduction and spread of COVID-19.  Our caretakers, cleaners,  administration staff and teachers  have been working tirelessly to this end. I have attached our plan for your information and I would ask that you go through it with your son in advance of re-opening.  We will work through the plan with your son as part of his induction on return to school.  Like every plan it will only work for the benefit of all of us if we all support and cooperate with its intentions.

Click on the image to access the information book or download a .pdf version here for your information.


We are very conscious of the wellbeing of staff and students on their return to the college.  If you have any questions regarding our detailed plan please do not hesitate to contact us in the college.

Having listened to our supportive NEPS Psychologist we want to make your sons return or introduction to the college as easy as possible for your son. The advice being to ‘Slow down to catch up!’ In the normal course of things we would have had regular contact with families around significant life events or worries that would have impacted in a transient way, for most, on your sons emotional, social or behavioural wellbieng.  We have not had this opportunity.  I have attached a link below to a short form that you can complete online which will allow you to share this information, confidentially, with us.  As needed we will make your son’s yearhead, tutors, teachers and our pastoral care team aware of the challenges he has faced or is facing.

Feedback form for parents (Click to access)


We are almost finished our revamped timetable.  We would normally have this to you my now, however in order to work towards the guidelines set out in the ‘Roadmap for return to to school’ we had to start from scratch on July 27th.  The entire process usually takes 6 to 8 weeks but we are nearly there now.  We appreciate your patience and understanding in this regard.  We will publish it on VSware and advise you of this by text message ASAP.


Details regarding online registration can be found here.


Kind Regards



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