Incoming 1st Years September 2024

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Dear Parent/Guardian,

We enjoyed meeting Parents/Guardians in the College Church on Wednesday, June 12th.  A copy of the slideshow used can be found below,

Slideshow from June 12th, 2024

Form to submit additional information

Information about Junior Cycle Subjects

This meeting was also an opportunity for us to share some practical information with you and for you to ask practical questions around the next couple of months as you support and prepare your son for this exciting transition into post primary school. I have tried to answer some of those more frequently asked questions below.


Between now and first day of school.

Where do I get the school uniform?

The school uniform is available from any of the men’s drapers in New Ross and in Wellingtonbridge.

The uniform consists of:

• Blue shirt

• Grey trousers

• Navy, crested school jumper

• No tie

There is no specific PE uniform.


What shoes are acceptable?

• Student must wear black or brown leather shoes.

• Runners, even if fully black/brown, are not acceptable.


How do I set up my VSWare Account?

You will receive a text message from the college with your username.

Follow the instructions found here.


What stationery do students need?

This will be included with our booklist and is provided free of charge through the ‘DES School Book Scheme’.


What books will he need?

Your son’s booklist has been published on the website and can be downloaded here.

You will be able to collect all of your son’s books and stationery on Sunday, August 25th 2024, here in the college following the beginning of school year mass.


Can a student change their language subject options now or during the first couple of weeks?

If you wish to change your preferred language option between Spanish and German, please contact us immediately.  There may not be capacity to change this option, but we will do our best to accommodate your son.  Please note that those students who have chosen German as an option will be spread across two base classes and will come together for German class. This means that by studying German, he can still be in a base class with some friends who have chosen Spanish.


Is there a bus to the college?

Any queries should be made directly to the Bus Éireann School Transport Office on 018302222. There are several private operators who run buses to the college. You will need to make local inquiries in relation to the operators available to you.


When will students get their timetable?

Student’s timetable will be available on VSware in late August.  Their class tutor will explain this timetable to them on the first day.  You can get further information on activating your VSWARE account by clicking here.


Will students get a journal?

Yes. Students will be given a journal during induction on their first day here on August 27th.


What class will my child be in?

There are 5 first year classes: 1CN(A), 1DK(B), 1DY(C), 1JR(D) and 1MF(E). Boys are assigned to these classes randomly to form 5 groups of similar mixed ability profiles.


Will my child be in the same class as their friend / other students from their primary school?

Students are randomly assigned class groups base on forming similar mixed ability profiles in each class. Every effort will be made to ensure that boys will have someone from their school, or familiar face, in their class group.  However, we cannot guarantee that friends will be in the same group.


My son has a medical condition that needs to be managed by the school from his first day.

Please contact immediately.


My son will be accessing Ostia – our ASD Hub.

Please contact Aoife at the following email address immediately, if you have not already done so:


My son has Additional Educational Needs.

Please contact Brigid or Sheila, if you have not already done so, at the following email addresses immediately.  or


Beginning of School Year – subject to DES guidance.

When does school start?

School starts for 1st years only on Tuesday, August 27th, 2024, this day will finish at 1pm.  Your son will need to be collected as buses may not run at this time.


What time should students be here on the first day?

The day will start at 9.00 am, but we recommend students arriving around 8.30 am so that they can mingle and chat.


Can I come into the College with my child on the first day?

Many parents/guardians choose to drop their son to the school on the first day. The Principal, Deputy Principals, Year head, Prefects and Unitas Leaders will be there to greet everyone!


What does he need to bring on his first day?

A pen and a copy.

We will provide a snack and light lunch on the day.  If he has specific dietary need, you should provide those.


Throughout the School Year.

What time does school start and finish?

The school day starts at 9.00 am.  Students should arrive to school in good time to organise books etc and to be ready for class to begin at 9:00am.  School will finish at 4 pm Monday to Thursday and at 1:20pm on Friday.  In the first term, to October 1st Year students will finish at 3:55pm.


When are school holidays, parent teacher meetings and other school events?

A full calendar is published on the College website, and your son will have a copy of this in his student journal. You can access the calendar here.


What time does the school building open?

The school building opens at 8:30am.


Who is my son’s Yearhead?

Ms Shirley Dempsey is the 1st Year Yearhead and will support your son through to his Junior Cycle.  Her email address is


Are students allowed to leave school during lunch or school day?

Students are not allowed to leave school during the day or at lunchtime.  If a student needs to leave the school, parents should complete the note on VS Ware, your son should sign out with the Principal or Deputy Principal.  He must then be collected and signed out from the school office.  In particular, where students are unwell, they must be collected from the school.


Are there canteen facilities in the school?

There are canteen facilities in school. Students can also bring a packed lunch each day.


What time is lunch?

Morning break 10:20 – 10:40 am.  Lunch 12.40 – 1:20 pm (except Friday)


We look forward to welcoming your son into the College.  Keep an eye on our website and Twitter account for regular updates regarding the College. They are  and @GCC_NewRoss, respectively.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any query, no matter how big or small, and we will do our best to answer it.

We look forward to meeting your son, watching him grow and contributing to his new school community.  In the meantime, enjoy the summer break, stay safe and look after each other.

Kind regards,


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