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What is Droichead?

Droichead (the Irish word for bridge) is the model of induction currently piloted here in Good Counsel College. Droichead was developed following a consultation process with teachers and other stakeholders. It is designed to reflect the importance of induction for new teachers as they are formally welcomed into the most important profession in society.

It is grounded in the belief that those best placed to conduct this formal welcome are experienced colleagues who have relevant and in-depth knowledge of teaching and learning in their respective schools.  These fellow professionals are themselves supported through the provision of a range of structures and resources from the National Induction Programme for Teachers (NIPT).

Our PS Team is made up of:

  • Mr Mark O’Brien Principal
  • Mr Aidan O’Brien Deputy Principal
  • Ms Shirley Dempsey Mentor
  • Ms Tara Shine Mentor, NIPT Associate

The role of the PS Team is :

  1. For principals, the process provides a structure for induction, built on professional conversations and relationships, with a specific focus on teaching and learning throughout the school.
  2. Professional Support Team members mentor newly qualified teachers in supporting them on their continuum of professional learning within each school context. Seeking support and asking questions is central to the process.
  3. Newly Qualified Teachers who have completed the Droichead process advise that it is important to be always open to new learning and describe the impact of their experience of Droichead on their teaching career.

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