Covid Update

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The DES had intended to issue updated guidance to schools on various matters relating to curricular and extra-curricular activities to reflect a more general reopening of society. The recent increase in Covid cases and the concern this has engendered has meant that this has not occurred and as such there is no change at present to previous advice DES that has issued on a range of matters, including staff and parent-teacher meetings.
The impact of the upsurge in Covid cases is still being assessed, and we will continue to seek further information from the Department of Education on a range of issues that are of relevance to schools.
Unfortunately, the only clarity received at present is:
  • All school related transport can return to 100% capacity with appropriate measures in place.
  • Extra-curricular activity can be organised in accordance with the guidelines issued by the relevant sporting authority.
  • Our upcoming 3rd Year and 6th Year Parent Teacher Meetings cannot go ahead face-to-face. Teachers will prepare a detailed school report in its place.
We will update as we get more information.
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