College teams ’89 to ’99 Reunion

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Have mentioned already how a reunion of the 1993 senior football team has grown to include other successful teams from ’89 to ’99. A lot of effort has been made to contact as many as possible from the Junior sides of 89 and the senior sides of 93, 95, 96, 97 and 99. Now there were other great sides during those years who won juvenile and junior titles. I could mention the Junior A hurling champions of 1989/90 and 1991/92, the juvenile football champions in successive years 1994/95 and 1995/96 among others. Many of those involved will have been contacted as they also played on those winning senior sides but some will have slipped through the net because they may have left or just not been on a successful senior team later. If anyone out there was involved in those years and has not been contacted, I would invite you to get in touch and to take this as your invite. We want to get all from thart era there.

This invite extends also to those involved on other teams such as rugby and equestrian and indeed to those not on any teams at all. This event will hopefully give some impetus to efforts to have annual year group reunions in subsequent years.

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