Child Protection

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Who should I contact?

Where you have a child protection concern you can contact either of the following staff members by email or through the College phone number (051421182).  This information is displayed throughout the College and may be found in our Student Journal.

Alternatively you can make contact with (click on the name for link to relevant section of their websites);

Background to Children First.

The Department of Education and Skills circular 0081/2017 (published on 11 December, 2017) informed us that the Child Protection Procedures for Primary and Post-Primary Schools 2017 have been developed and published following an extensive consultation with the education partners.

The purpose of the procedures is to give clear direction and guidance to school authorities and to school personnel in relation to meeting the statutory obligations under the Children First Act, 2015 and in the continued implementation within the school setting of the best practice guidance set out in the updated Children First: National Guidance for the Protection and Welfare of Children 2017. The procedures apply to all recognised primary and post-primary schools and to all members of school personnel.

Where the category of abuse is a risk to the safety and welfare of a child and is above the threshold of harm the Designated Liaison Person or Deputy Designated Liaison person will, following advice from the Tusla appointed Duty Social Worker, make a Standard Report to Tusla on the Standard Reporting Form.

School based Child Protection Documentation

A hard copy of these policies is available form the office and our Child Safeguarding & Risk Assessment is displayed in the main entrance hall.


This is relevant to Board of Management members, teaching and ancillary staff along with parents where desired.  All teaching staff have been asked to complete the TUSLA  and PDST online training modules.

Once per term teachers are reminded of their obligations as mandated persons and the importance of how we manage child protection and welfare concerns. Further information for teachers is included in our Teachers Handbook, distributed at the first staff meeting of each year. Teachers are also vetted through the Teaching Council while all other staff are vetted through the JMB.

Click on the item below for the relevant training.

JMB/DES Inspectorate Training Information


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