Careers Night

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Careers Night 2018

DATE: Monday, February 26th

VENUE: Sports Hall


7:00 – 7:30       Opening: Matthew O Hanlon – Past Pupil & Wexford Senior Hurling Captain.


7:30 – 9:00       Visit to individual career

Download the event brochure here.

Aim of the night

  1. Provide students/parents with first-hand information about careers of interest.
  2. Provide students/parents with opportunities to discuss various access routes to chosen careers with people actively working/studying in those areas.
  3. Encourage students to consider a number of career options.
  4. The night will be structured as follows:.
  • Matthew will focus on study, target setting, physical and mental wellbeing along with the importance of study/life balance.
  • Each facilitator will have an assigned table where you can sit and chat with them about their career. Some areas of focus are identified below.
  • Areas of Focus
    • What the profession/trade/business currently entails and the opportunities it presents.
    • The challenges faced in the profession/trade/business.
    • The access route to this career option and alternative routes to the same career.
    • The future of the profession/trade/business.
    • Any other relevant info

There will be tea/coffee etc available in the Sports Hall throughout the evening.




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