Booklists 22/23

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Click below, on the relevant year group link, to download your son’s booklist.

Booklists 2022/23

  1. Teachers will not collect any money for photocopying.  A standard charge will apply at the beginning of the year as requested by our Parents’ Council.
  2. The Student Journal, which costs €10, is compulsory and can be purchased as part of our registration.
  3. Subject departments have indicated additional costs for materials etc to be collected in September.  These are shown on each booklist.
  4. Further information will follow regarding registration for 2022/2023.

6th Year 22/23

5th Year 22/23

3rd Year 22/23

2nd Year 22/23

1st Year 22/23


If you have any book that you are not using that you would like to donate, and it is on the booklist for an alternative year, the Parents’ Council will take it for redistribution to other families. 

These books should be left into the Dining Room before June 28th for redistribution in August. 


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