April 12 Return

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Dear Parent, Guardian & Students,

We look forward to welcoming your son at 9am on April 12th with the full reopening of the college.  Full timetable in operation.  The first class period on Monday will be a recap and refresher for all students on the guidance we developed for the safe reopening of the college.  You will find a link to this below.

The four weeks with 6th years and two weeks with 5th years before the Easter break went well with good compliance from your sons with HSE/Government guidance.

In advance of his return please complete the HSE/HSPC Declaration by April 11th that was sent to you by text on April 6th. If circumstances outlined in this form change, please inform me in strictest confidence at mark.obrien@goodcounselcollege.ie.

Please highlight to your son his responsibilities regarding mask wearing, social distancing hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette in advance of his return. You can download our guidelines for the full reopening of the college here.

Enjoy the remainder of the Easter break.






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