6th Year

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6th Year – End of Year Arrangements.

Effective from May 17th 2021 

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Dear Parent/Guardian,

I hope all is good with you and your family as we approach the end of the academic year.

In order to manage the end of year effectively and safely for all in our care the following arrangements are being put in place for 6th year students who have opted to sit Leaving Certificate exams in some of their subjects.

Assessments, which will form a small part of a teacher’s professional judgement of students predicted marks, will finish on May 14th.  A student who is not sitting any exams in the traditional leaving certificate cannot be disadvantaged in the accredited grades process by non-attendance in school after this date.  The following arrangements are in place for any 6th year student attending from that date.

  • Must arrive in advance of first class they are attending and sign in with the Principal or Deputy Principal if this is not their 9am class.
  • Must remain in school until after the last class they are attending. Once a student signs out they cannot return to the college for a class later in the day. They must sign out with the Principal or Deputy Principal.
  • Must attend all classes as per timetable while on school premises.
  • Must present in full school uniform.


If we take a sample timetable for a 6th year student on a Thursday who will sit a Leaving Certificate Exam in Agricultural Science and Maths only the following would apply.

Example explained:

  • This student could arrive in school just before Agricultural Science begins at 10:40 and sign in with the Principal/Deputy Principal.
  • They would attend their timetabled classes in Biology and complete independent study.
  • Must stay on campus for lunch.
  • Attend their Maths class and then sign out at 14:40 with the Principal/Deputy Principal.

We will not accommodate a situation where, for example, the student attends for Agricultural Science, signs out and then returns for Maths class.  With over 130 students in 6th year it is not feasible to manage this.

A student can attend all of their timetabled classes on each day if they wish.

Student safety and responsibility.

It will be inevitable that due to the flexibility now being offered in the timetable that a greater number of students will drive to the college.  Remember;

  1. Students must park in the student parking area.
  2. Students do not have access to their cars during the school day.

Most importantly, you should make it clear to your son that he should not carry passengers in his car.  We do not want a situation where a student is carrying passengers to or from the college without you or the passenger’s parents’  knowledge or permission.  The implications and consequences for your son should an accident happen are grave.


We had a very small acknowledgement of end of year for our 6th Years yesterday.  It in no way represents how we would ultimately hope to mark his time with us in the College.  This is something we will be in contact about later in the summer as Covid restrictions ease.

I thank you for all of your support over the past five or six years and in particular throughout your son’s Covid hit Senior Cycle. Without your commitment to him and his education the last two years would have been even more challenging.

Classes will finish for all year groups at 1pm on Friday May 28th and Leaving Certificate Exams begin on June 9th.  In the interim If we can be of any help to you or our son in any way please do not hesitate to contact us in the college.


Kind regards,






Mark O’Brien


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