6th Year Career Night

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6th Year Career Night

Thursday November 26th

In association with the Parents Council

Brochure from the night

Last night, November 26th, was an exciting night here in GCC where Past Pupils, Parents and Students came together to offer practical advice and tips for career selection and further education.  We thank all of our past pupils for giving up some time in their busy schedule to support students in their alma mater.

The brochure above contains the names of all of those who supported the endeavour and the areas they focused on.

We need Parents/Guardians and Past Pupil volunteers to support us in this project.

The aim of this night is to:

  1. Provide students/parents with first hand information about careers of interest.
  2. Provide students/parents with opportunities to discuss various access routes to chosen careers with people actively working/studying in those areas.
  3. Encourage students to consider a number of career options.

The night will  be structured as follows:

  1. Ms Jane Byrne, Guidance Counsellor, will outline the CAO and career path choices relevant to students for parents.  This compliments the ongoing work that Jane does with our students.
  2. Volunteer Career speakers:
    • will be assigned a classroom teamed with others in the same or similar profession/trade/business.
    • will give a short 5-10 minute presentation based on:
      • What the profession/trade/business currently entails and the opportunities it presents.
      • The challenges faced in the profession/trade/business.
      • The access route to this career option and alternative routes to the same career.
      • The future of the profession/trade/business.
      • Any other relevant info.
    • This will be followed by a Q & A session.
    • There will be 3 rotations, one every 30 minutes, in order that students can see 3 separate presentations.

email details to info@goodcounselcollege.ie under the title Careers Night.


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