1st Year History Tour

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Written by, Cathal Connolly 1st Year

Edited by, Cian Murphy Kehoe  and Andrew Kirwin. 1st Year


Friday 8th of May,

For our first year history tour we wondered of to the Irish Heritage Park, Ferrycarrig, Co. Wexford. One hundred and thirty students travelled from first year only!  

Our tour guides name was Karina. Karina showed us around the park. The first major site we saw was the Tepee. The best site we saw was the Crannog that was in the middle of the lake. Early Christians used Dolmens and passage tombs for burying people. The most astonishing site we saw was the Viking boat, which was used to transport goods. It was on the shore of the giant lake. 

We wondered off to leisure max when the tour ended. We had a blast. We played games like zorbing soccer, rock climbing, zip lining, bowling and pool soccer. It was great fun. We then happed onto our busses and headed home. We had a great day.



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