1916 North-South Project

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As part of a North/ South project by PDST, the students of 2CN completed a film/ebook about the life of a 1916 Good Counsel College student. (see links below)

The boys were broken up into 6 teams. The winning ebook from these 6 teams will be invited to a showcase in Dublin on May 18th 2016.

What this means for each subject?

With the permission of the relevant teachers, students for any non-exam subject work on the project or these teachers may wish to allow the students to work on the project in their classes  with their project packs kept in Resource Room 3)

Teachers of exam subjects can incorporate elements of the project into their teaching as follows:

English: imagine and write diary entry/letter from 1916, camera angles etc

Science: What nutritional value did lunches etc. have in 1916?

Maths: Life without a calculator?

Technology; How functional were old desks etc compared to modern seats. Transport in 1916. Build replica of old building/ desk etc?

Irish: Was Irish an important part of the curriculum in 1916? Why did leaders in 1916 think our language was so important?

Business: Job opportunities for a 1916 student?

T.G: Draw replica of old school? Draw replica of old desks etc.?

P.E.: P.E in 1916? Were students fitter then?

C.S.P.E.: Who had a right to secondary education in 1916? What rights did children have in 1916 opposed to now?

Our Films

Apologies to Team 3 as their file is too big!

Click on the links below for an overview of the project.

North South project overview


Thank you to Ms Furlong, Ms Roche and Ms Furlong for all of their support.
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